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Katelyn Van Dyck

Katelyn Van Dyck

Meet Katelyn! She’s an accomplished Triathlete (TWO Ironman finishes!) and has been a fixture in our classes at Haumea since February. We are so grateful to share Katelyn and Dan’s story.

What was your first thought when you found out you were pregnant? Tell us a little bit more about your pregnancy.
I was a little surprised when I first found out I was pregnant but ecstatic at the same time. We just got married in September and knew we wanted to start a family. My doctor told me to be patient and expect it to take at least three to six months to get pregnant. About 2 months after our wedding, my husband was deer hunting up north and I took a pregnancy test, it was positive! I sent him a picture of the positive result while he was in his tree stand. He was surprised but so excited! We are overjoyed and taking it all in – we are going to be parents! We are so grateful to be on this journey together. Most of my pregnancy has gone smoothly except for the first trimester. I was very nauseous, had no appetite and unfortunately caught two colds during that time. Thank goodness for my supportive husband! He was doing everything for me. Once I hit the second trimester, I found my pregnancy stride! I had more energy to get moving again, my appetite was back and I was able to workout – which is when I found Haumea.

You have attended classes at Haumea regularly throughout your pregnancy - how do you feel these classes have benefited you?
I was looking for fitness classes that would help keep me healthy and strong throughout my pregnancy. I have always worked out, mostly running and triathlons, but knew this journey would be different. And to be honest, I was feeling overwhelmed with the changes that were happening to my body. I knew my physical and mental health were going to be very important. Like Megan has told us, pregnancy is like running a marathon every day and I know running can as much of a mental sport as physical. I took my first class in February and loved it. I knew that Haumea was exactly where I was supposed to be. I have learned so much about pregnancy, how to keep my body strong, how to prepare for labor and delivery and what to expect during the postpartum stage. I learned how to move my body in the safest ways possible for my baby and me. I love that the classes offered at Haumea are safe for everyone and the instructors always guide us if a movement doesn’t work or feel right in our body. My husband and I took the birthing essentials class which has made us feel so much more prepared for everything that may or may not happen when our little guy decides to arrive. We hired Tara as our doula and are so excited to work with her and have her support! I cannot imagine what this journey would have looked like without Haumea – it is such a wonderful, welcoming and educational environment.

You’re an IRONWOMAN! Share how being pregnant has affected your workouts - going from Ironman races to classes at Haumea :)
Yes! I am a two-time Ironman Wisconsin finisher! (2014 and 2017) Training for an ironman was very demanding on my body but I loved the challenge and the team I was a part of in Madison. I hope to finish another one someday! I knew I would have to dial my workouts back when I found out I was pregnant. I had just run my fastest half marathon before I got pregnant. I lost all of my energy during first trimester and was lucky to run a few miles a week. This was difficult for me as exercise is how I keep my mental and physical health in check. Around 14 weeks, when my energy came back, I started running again. I was hoping to swim but due to the pools being closed I stuck to running. Training for an ironman taught me to push through a lot of mental and physical pain and I knew I would have to be careful about pushing myself like that during pregnancy. Although, I am hoping it will benefit me during labor and delivery. I wanted to incorporate pregnancy safe workouts into my routine, so I joined Haumea and have been taking about 3-5 classes per week. I have learned to listen to my body and to takes breaks when needed. Prenatal yoga allows me to slow down, stretch and strengthen while barre and strong allow me to challenge myself and sweat. It has been a great pregnancy workout routine!

What has it been like being pregnant amidst a global pandemic?
It was scary at first especially when there were so many unknowns. I already had some anxiety about being pregnant for the first time and this added another layer to it. I was worried about getting the virus and what potential effects it would have on my baby. Luckily, we have stayed healthy and have not been personally affected. I have been going to work full time and the company I work for has been taking extra precautions to keep us safe. Our baby showers were virtual, which ended up being really fun but it has been difficult to not see many family or friends in person. When I go into labor, I will be allowed to have my husband and doula with me but family and friends will not be allowed in the hospital. It has been a much different experience than I ever imagined but I am so thankful for my health and amazing support system.

What advice would you give other extremely active women as they find out they are pregnant?
Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t get discouraged if you have a bad day or week(s). There is always a way to move your body even if it’s not the same as it used to be. I have tried to embrace my slower pace while running and I’ve actually enjoyed not worrying about how fast or slow I’m running. I run at whatever pace feels comfortable and walk when I need a break. Listening to your body is key and always remember that your body is doing something truly incredible and you should be so proud of yourself and your baby! I would also encourage women to find a studio like Haumea. Not only for the fitness aspect but for the advice, support and knowledge they provide. Haumea has been a lifesaver for me since my first class with Meg in February!

What is one quality you would like to instill in your son?
I have two! I hope we can instill determination and kindness in our son.

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