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Kimberlie Hruby

Kimberlie Hruby

Meet Kimberlie. She talks about the importance of taking care of herself after having children, and how honoring herself positively impacts her children. Check out Kim’s story!

How was your self care routine changed after becoming a mom? Right after having children, I didn’t take much time for myself. I decided that I needed to make changes for myself, so that I could be healthy and have more energy for my children. In addition, I didn’t feel good about the way I looked. I started making changes to the way I eat and the frequency in which I exercise. It has been a positive influence on my children, and I have noticed their increased interest in some of the healthier food options I eat and their interest in exercise. 

Was it hard to adjust to your new lifestyle after you gave birth? There are so many changes that took place after having children; changes to my body, my routines, the way we completed errands and household tasks, not to mention the changes to my hormones and moods. There were definitely challenges to navigating life after birth, however the joy and love our babies brought helped me transition into our new life easier. I noticed I had more energy and had a better mindset when I exercised regularly and lost some of my excess weight. 

How do you make sure that you get time away to enjoy yourself outside of taking care of the kids? My husband and I make sure to take time to go on dates and do things without our children. Time together has been very important and beneficial to our marriage. I also take time to exercise and come to yoga or take a hike. Having a regular schedule for exercise, helps hold me accountable. 

How has yoga impacted your life both before and after you gave birth? I have never tried yoga until after having children. It has improved my balance, increased my strength, and has given me an outlet for my stress. I enjoy the sense of community, and knowing that I have a place I belong. I continue to surprise myself with all of the strength and balance I have acquired. Overall, I feel really good about who I am and where I am going. 

What does having support from your family mean to you? Without the support of my family, I wouldn’t be able to commit to a regular schedule of exercise. My husband cares for our children when I am at Haumea, which includes getting them ready for school and daycare three days a week. I am grateful that I have such a supportive husband that allows me to have time in the morning to help create a happier, healthier me. Coming to Haumea starts my day off the right way. 

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