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Mairin Richlen

Mairin Richlen

Meet Mairin! You might have already met her in one of her super tough Strong or Barre classes! Read on to learn more about Mairin’s shift to a mama of two amidst a pandemic.

What was different with this pregnancy than your first pregnancy?

Both of my pregnancies were pretty similar for the most part. I get pretty bad morning (more like all day) sickness and this pregnancy was a little tougher in that department but once that finally went away I felt great! A big difference was how active each baby was – Roen, my first, was super active she never stopped moving but Remi was the complete opposite - I barely felt her move the entire time I think my husband only felt her kick once or twice! Our first came at 39 weeks and our second didn’t come until 41 weeks and those extra two weeks being pregnant especially during a pandemic felt extra long!

What was it like giving birth amidst a pandemic? What was different about this experience vs your first birth?

Fortunately the actual labor and delivery really didn’t seem much different than with my first besides the extra PPE the nurses and doctors were wearing. I thankfully didn’t have to wear a mask at all during labor and after besides when we left the hospital. We also were out of the hospital within 24 hours which was nice to get home quick. The hardest part about delivering during this pandemic was figuring out childcare for our toddler with family being out of town or unable to be socially distant and not being able to have family and friends come visit and meet the baby. There was also the fear of the unknown with the coronavirus and how it affects pregnant women and newborns that I had to think about this time around. 

My two delivery experiences were pretty different – with my first I received an epidural and with my second I went unmedicated. Both were positive experiences but I did really appreciate the control I had and a lot quicker recovery delivering unmedicated with Remi. I was anticipating a much shorter labor the second time around but it lasted about the same amount of time as my first. 

How has the pandemic affected you and your family?

This time has been difficult for everyone and I think we have done our best to stay positive and keep our lives as “normal” as possible. Obviously we miss seeing our family and I think that has been the hardest part especially having a new baby and not being able for people to meet her. The positive of all of this is that my husband has been working from home this whole time so he is able to spend much more time with the girls and has really appreciated being with Remi so much as babies grow so fast and he didn’t get this time with our first baby.

What have you learned about yourself since you became a mom?

I’d say a big thing I’ve learned about myself is I have a lot more patience than I had anticipated for myself (although Roen is now 2 and the attitude is starting to come out!). I feel like I am able to let go of things a lot faster and worry about the small stuff less as I know this time with my babies being little is going to go so fast.

What advice would you give other parents as they transition from one child to two?

I feel like I kind of got an easy card on this transition as having my husband working from home has been the biggest help that I wouldn’t have if he was going into the office like usual. Although he is working all day and we try not to bug him just knowing he’s there if I really need something has been so helpful! But I try to include my toddler, Roen, in on everything I am doing for baby Remi. I think asking her to help (like asking her to grab a diaper or burp cloth) helps her feel important. And I try at least once a day to have alone time with Roen so I can give all my attention to her. Luckily Roen loves her little sister and doesn’t seem to mind that moms attention has to be shared which has made this transition smooth!

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