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Madison Sleep Consultant

Madison Sleep Consultant

Maya Garbuz

Maya Garbuz, Certified Sleep Consultant
Maya Garbuz, Certified Sleep Consultant

As a certified sleep consultant I can help your family with various sleep-related challenges. Typically, I offer my clients the choice between the individual consultations and attending my workshops. The difference between the two is very simple:

Individual consultations are intended for people who need more dedicated attention from me or have some specific questions or challenges. Individual consultations are usually more expensive but they are more effective as you get my undivided attention. Individual consultations can be also done via Skype or any other form of video conferencing. This is for families who live outside of Madison.

Workshops are group trainings best fitted for support groups or parent groups. The main purpose of a workshop is to provide educational opportunities for parents that want to learn some simple tricks on creating a better sleep environment for their children and ways to improve the quality of sleep. During the workshop you may not get the answers to all of your questions but we will cover the most common problems to give you a good starting point. Workshops are also less expensive for families as the cost is being shared by many people.

In addition to child consultation I also offer maternity consultations for expectant mothers struggling with sleep. I will be happy to work with you If you are having challenges falling or staying asleep.



Phone: (608) 658-2240

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