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Physical Therapy Services

Revitalized Physical Therapy to ReEmbody Your Potential.

ReEmbody Physical TherapyReEmbody Physical Therapy at Haumea provides a holistic and integrative approach to treatment. We help you recover following injury or persistent pain, return to activity, identify movement and sports performance concerns, and consider overall wellness. We aim to rebalance, restore, reconnect, and reset you to your body’s full potential.

If you remain uncertain if I can help, schedule a free clarity call. You can share more about yourself and I will tell you if my services are a good fit for you.

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You can email or call (608) 403-3994.


Dr. Sydney Mikulas, PT, DPT.

Dr. Sydney Mikulas, PT, DPT.

Sydney Mikulas, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certified

Movement expert. Body worker. Exercise therapist. Wellness guide. 

I became a physical therapist to come alongside YOU with compassion when you need help restarting and refocusing. With expert medical knowledge I identify the root cause of what is inhibiting your activity flow. Together we develop a personalized, integrative plan to optimize your movement at any stage of life, promote balance through your whole body, and empower you to regain control and joy in your life. In my practice, I utilize therapeutic exercise, functional movement, yoga, mindfulness principles, and manual techniques, including cupping and dry needling. I look forward to the opportunity to deeply listen to your needs and be an expert guide to co-create a plan that you feel comfortable & confident with. I will share with you my love for movement and together continue the pursuit to be our best selves alongside our families and community. 

Education: Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Colorado

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certified, Living Well Institute

Licensed and insured through the state of Wisconsin. 

Available PT Services

60 Minute Evaluation

In Person or Telehealth

If we haven’t met yet, let’s get to know each other.

What needs to be re-balanced? We’ll answer this question utilizing expert assessment by focusing solely on reviewing your health history, wellness status, observing your movement patterns, identifyling imbalances, and discussing your lifestyle goals. Identifying the root cause of imbalance will offer a clear pathway of where to restart reembodying your potential. 

An evaluation must occur prior to follow-up or tune-up scheduling

40 Minute Follow-Up

In Person or Telehealth

Let’s get to work! Schedule your follow up. 

We’ll combine bodywork to restore, movement refinement to reconnect, and lifestyle revitalization to reset, as we reassess the next best step towards your goals. 

30 Minute Body Work Only Visit

In Person or Telehealth

Receive quality bodywork to feel your best whenever you need it most. Includes your choice of highly skilled, compassionate myofascial release, trigger point dry needling, therapeutic cupping, joint mobilization, and/or scar massage. Not required to schedule an initial evaluation prior to visit.

20 Minute Tune-Up

In Person or Telehealth

Let’s revisit! Schedule a refresh as you need. 

We’ll utilize this time to revisit what is necessary to return to the new balance you’ve created. 

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