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Yoga Classes: Haumea Flow

Haumea Flow

Whether you’re a mama to be, a new mama or not a mama for all, you are welcome in our vinyasa yoga flow class. We will give options to meet you where you are and options to challenge your yoga practice. Come move, breathe, flow. 

Vinyasa Flow class is available in person and online!

Our in person Vinyasa Flow classes are taking place in our large 1,000 square foot studio. Our studio is marked out for social distancing.

Want to practice in-studio, but without a mask? You can stream from our Mahalo Studio. 500 sq feet, just for you!

Another option to take our classes is to do it online, from the comfort of your own home. When you sign up for online classes, you can attend live via Zoom or do the recording of the class on your own schedule.

Want to check out a class in the comfort of your own home? Give this 55 minute virtual vinyasa flow class a try!

FAQs: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

  • What is a flow yoga class?
    Yoga can seem intimidating, but it is so simple. Flow yoga is a connection of your movements to your breath. Flow yoga is movement focused. Each shape is typically held for less than 30 seconds. The beautiful thing about flow yoga is that you will move your body in all the different ways it was designed to move, and that feels SO good!
  • What is flow yoga good for?
    Flow yoga is a great movement practice for wholistic care of your body. Flow yoga will lead to greater flexibility. Flow yoga will lead to greater strength throughout your entire body: Legs, core, arms, back… you name it!
  • How many calories do you burn doing flow yoga?
    The amount of calories burned in any workout is very dependent on each person. How much you weigh and your metabolism will determine how many calories you burn. On average, a one hour flow yoga class will burn 590 calories.
  • Is Vinyasa yoga good for beginners?
    Vinyasa Yoga is good for beginners, but there is quite a bit of terminology that you might not know (down dog, up dog, tree, etc). Have no fear; whether you take class online or in person, we will be there to guide your each step of the way. If you are concerned that a vinyasa flow class will move to quicky, check out our “Slow Flow” class.
  • Is Vinyasa yoga hard?
    Vinyasa yoga will challenge you. However, you are never meant to push yourself beyond the point where you can breathe easily. Vinyasa yoga teaches you to be OK with discomfort (after all that is how we grow), but to tune into your body when you are venturing too far and into pain.
  • What does Vinyasa mean?
    Typically, Vinyasa means the connection of movement and breath. The word “Vinyasa” comes from the sanskrit language. The direct translation is “connection”.
  • What equipment do I need for vinyasa yoga?

    The wonderful thing about a yoga practice is when it comes down to it, all you need is YOU. You may find the following things to be helpful:

    • A Yoga Mat: A yoga mat will provide you with a bit of support. A high quality yoga mat will prevent your hands and feet from slipping as you move. Below is one of our favorite choices.

    • Clothing you can move in: Yoga pants can be helpful, but they aren’t necessary. Any clothes you are comfortable and that you can move in are perfect.

    • Yoga Blocks: Yoga blocks are not necessary, but are super helpful and inexpensive! This tool will help you find ease in your body and your practice will feel oh so good.

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