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Yoga Classes: Postpartum Yoga

Postpartum Yoga

Postnatal Yoga.

Your body has birthed a baby. How are you feeling? Are you taking time for YOU? To meet your body where it’s at, right now?

It can be SO tempting to want to jump into all the things you did prenatally. Unfortunately, for our postpartum bodies we can create long term damages by doing vigorous exercise and fitness too soon.

This class will be focused on creating space (do you have upper back and neck pain?) and building back core strength (yes, postnatal yoga can do that).

Babies are welcome to come to class, but this class will be focused on YOU!

AND if you’re wanting a class that will open your chest, alleviate upper back pain while building core strength? This is the class for you, even if you’re 10 years postpartum or have never had a baby.

FAQs: Postnatal Yoga

  • When should I start doing postnatal yoga?

    Postnatal Yoga can begin as soon as you have your baby.. by wait for it… breathing! Try diaphragmatic breaths to take care of your scar tissue, so reawaken your pelvic floor and to start to draw your core back together.

    You can take our Postanatal Yoga Class as soon as you feel ready for more movement. As with all of our classes, most people start taking class around 4-6 weeks. However, you are more than welcome to attend class at whatever stage of life you are in!

  • Can I bring my baby with me to Postnatal Yoga?
    Absolutely! You are more than welcome to bring your babe to this class.
  • What is the difference between yoga and postnatal yoga?
    Our postnatal yoga classes are all about regaining strength and stability, especially in your core. There is a LOT of terrible advice out there when it comes to postnatal fitness. It is super important that we stabilize the core and don’t put too much pressure on our core system (if we do too much without building up stability, the results can be peeing your pants when you don’t want to and the dreaded “pouch” a.k.a. diastasis recti.
  • Can I do regular yoga after I give birth?

    Absolutely! There are a few things to keep in mind if you attend a regular yoga class after birth.

    1. Avoid big openers across your belly (like camel pose and full wheel)

    2. Avoid crunching your abdominal wall (like leg lifts, bicycles, crunches, sit ups

    3. Don’t jump in too fast. After birth, your placenta leaves a wound inside your uterus the size of a DINNER PLATE! If you had a wound this big where you could see it, you definitely would be waiting for that to heal before doing anything too vigorous. If you notice yourself bleeding, that is your body’s way of telling you.. “hey… I’m not ready yet. please, slow things down so I can heal”.

  • Can postnatal yoga help with Diastasis Recti?
    YES! The movements we incorporate into our postnatal yoga class are great for “bringing the core back together”. These movements will help stabilize your core, enabling you to heal. Will there be cases where extra support is needed? Absolutely! (physical therapists are wonderful at stepping in here).

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