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Yoga Classes: Sacred Feminine Flow

Sacred Feminine Flow

In a world of over doing, striving, tasking, achieving and working for external gratification, the beauty, wisdom and art of the feminine has often gone unattended, stuffed away, unappreciated and uncultivated.

The sacred feminine is part of all of us that yearns to be soft, fluid, receptive, insightful, playful, timeless, fearless and powerful in her own way. When we begin to awaken the feminine energies within ourselves, we return to the qualities of harmony and wholeness, which ripple into the collective.

The class is a gentle, slow, slow-style yoga class that invites the feminine energies of receiving, magnetism and unconditional love. This practice moves us into an experience of being fully present while releasing the overwhelm of overdoing.

75 minutes incorporating yoga and nei gong flow, sacred feminine embodiment through movement and breathwork, and sound healing. This is a slow and mindful class with an inclusive spiritual flavor.

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